Sep 2, 2021

Instructors at RU-N can record their classes in any of the Academic Technology Services classrooms using the new Course Capture solution.  They can then share this recorded content with their students via Canvas by embedding it in a page, assignment, or discussion or by publishing it to the Media Gallery (directions). Course Capture can record a variety of inputs including microphone audio, the podium computer screen, video from the computer's built-in webcam, and/or video from the InstructorCam located in the back of all of our largest classrooms.  The InstructorCams follow a faculty's location during recordng to provide a more authentic experience for students viewing course recordings and are availble in these InstructorCam rooms.

Step by step directions on using this technology are available at these links:

Please reach out to Academic Technology Services at or 973-353-1713 with any questions or to request training or support.