Sep 1, 2021

Our largest classrooms have been upgraded with InstructorCams to record or web conference your course.   These classrooms have cameras that will respond to the faculty's location in order to provide a more authentic experience for students who may be remote or are viewing course recordings. 

Each of these classrooms have podium microphones that can be used to amplify the faculty's voice as well as be used with Zoom, Webex, BigBlueButton, and Kaltura Course Capture.  

In addition to the fixed microphone, the following rooms are equipped with wireless lavalier microphones (also known as lapel mics or clip-on mics) in the podium drawer or ceiling microphones as noted below.  While spare batteries are stocked as often as possible, we recommend that faculty carry some of their own for contingencies.  

  • Ackerson 106 and 123
  • Boyden 100 and 413
  • Bradley 313
  • CLJ 202* and 392* 
  • Conklin 100 and 449*
  • CPS 104 and 105
  • Engelhard 100
  • LSC 130
  • Smith 220

       * ceiling microphones

The remainder of the InstructorCam rooms only have voice amplification through the fixed podium microhphone.  If you are using Zoom, Webex, BigBlueButton, or Kaltura Course Capture and need to teach from the white/blackboard or a location other than the podium, there are wireless lavalier microphones (also known as lapel mics or clip-on mics) that are available for semester loan.  

  • Bradley 311 and 312
  • Conklin 424
  • Hahne 322 and 421
  • Hill 101, 103, 105, 107, 108, 115, 204, and 210
  • LSC 103
  • Smith 240, 241, 242, 243, 244, 245 and 246

To request a microphone for use with Zoom, Webex, BigBlueButton, or Kaltura Course Capture, please fill out this formPlease note, these microphones are not for voice amplification but rather for webconferencing and course recording. 

Directions are available for: Using the InstructorCam to Webconference or Record and Recording your Class using Kaltura's Course Capture.

Please reach out to Academic Technology Services at or 973-353-1713 with any questions or to request training or support.