Sep 22, 2020


The number of classes being conducted via Blackbaord Collaborate continues to grow, it is important that you know how to prevent intruders and disruptions.  In this blog you will learn how to keep intruders out, deal with disruptions, and how to removed unwanted guest.


Keeping intruders out of web conferences  


Dealing with people who disrupt web conferences  


Remove Unwanted Guests 

  • Immediately mute all attendees and disable audio, video, chat, and whiteboard
  • Identify the intruder’s name and remove them from the room 
    • Point to an attendee in the Attendees panel, select Attendee controls, and then select Remove from session
  • If this does not work and your class is compromised, quickly end the class meeting 
  • Follow up with participants about how you will resume your meeting