Agile Learning Spaces are classrooms that are designed with flexibility in mind. With its fully adjustable, dual-handed work surface, the Learn2 student chair adapts to each student’s personal space and provides customized comfort.  Chairs can be arranged in rows, clusters, teams or even in a circle to support the pedologic outcomes of the course. There are whiteboards on all of the walls.

Picture of classroom

The faculty podium is dual height allow the instructor to sit or stand and is moveable throughout the room.  Displaying content to the screen is supported wirelessly allow the faculty or student to display the screen from their laptop, tablet or phone easily.

There are currently four agile classrooms all located in Conklin Hall in rooms 203,302,319 and 402. These classrooms were updated in 2017 when the furniture was replaced, the carpet was installed, blackboards where replace by whiteboards, technology was installed and the room was painted.